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An exclusive local marketing opportunity for chamber of commerce members


An Exclusive Local Multi-Media Marketing Opportunity

  • WCOC Radio has partnered with the Athens & Oconee Chamber of Commerce to provide its members “Podcasts” that will generate more customers.
  • You are the host of your own eight-minute business podcast to “Tell Your Story” for four consecutive weeks. The podcast can then be linked to your social media. “Direct marketing to promote your brand!”
  • This branding platform is enhanced with the posting of your website on the WCOC radio site for additional exposure.
  • You will also benefit from multiple visitors viewing our shared podcast network.
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Highlights of our discount podcast program

  • Exclusive podcasting for your business, tailored to Tell Your Story and reach a podcasting audience that has now exceeded the AM/FM radio listener base.
  • WCOC Radio will provide Chamber members with the opportunity to host their own shows or “podcasts” which will run live on WCOC Radio Online Radio and be promoted by WCOC Radio.
  • Unique placement on our localized online and mobile platform, built to satisfy member expectations and dramatically improve Chamber visibility.
  • WCOC Radio will generate Chamber content including business spotlights, interviews, and updates about the local economy and upcoming Chamber events.
  • Quality, premium content on our WCOC Radio station, delivering 24/7 and on-demand access to your business.
  • Promos for customers only available through the member podcasts.

Value To the chamber member

WCOC Radio is dedicated in its partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to offering its exclusive marketing platform to Chamber members. Our WCOC Radio platform is built to leverage the entertainment, podcast and marketing industry to satisfy member expectations, generate revenue, and dramatically improve member visibility. We will achieve this by doing the following:

  • Offer our podcasting platform exclusively to Chamber members in order to drive sales.
  • Generate Chamber member content including business spotlights, interviews, and updates about the local economy and upcoming events.
  • Execute a strong marketing campaign that will drive awareness and establish the Chamber profile.